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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 3 Business, Supreme Court, and Killing Boundaries


So let's get the boring stuff out of the way. Today I started attempting to structure and build my blog. I got google adsense and google analytics. Let me start out by saying I do not know anything about computers. I installed and signed up for both of these applications without knowing anything.  I was instantly blasted with HTML and other techie lingo.

Luckily Google is the most user-friendly and basically greatest corporate entity ever ( a socialist praising a SP 500 corporation?) Other than their massive disrespect for copyright law and people's fourth amendment rights. The Google (you ever miss W.?) walked me through step by step with clear images, youtube videos, and english ( I said english motherfucker do you speak it!) how to get accomplished what I needed. Today for the first day ever I feel like a web designer which is pretty freaking fantastic.

So what's new?

I added a search engine to search through my copious amounts of content!

I added a sweet little welcome message to hook (deceive) new readers into staying

Well I added an option for people to follow and suscribe to my blog by email.

I also added a poll question I will change once a week (this weeks poll question will be very relavent to my next subject)

finally I there are now ads! Yes, this blog has become a big evil for profit corporation. No co-op here. Only exploiting workers.

things so to know about the ads on my site:

  • I hope to make this blog a source of income someday so please click an ad every once in awhile it would be very appreciated
  • I have no control over the ads that stream through my site they are all through google ad sense
  • the more traffic and high profile readership I get the bigger advertising I get which in turn results in more income which encourages me to keep attempting to entertain you
I am continuigly working on making this the best blogging experience for everyone. I have started to work towards completing all of the 21 Tactics to Increase Blog readership (if you follow the link to this blog you will find this was one of the 21 steps...WINNING)

That being said I can use your help too. I post on Facebook, Twitter, and G+ this blog everyday. spreading the word to your friends or even personal recommendation could help readership take off in a real way.  I would love for this to become a big beautiful blog that had an active and powerful voice on the internet. It is the small steps that everyone takes now that gets us to that incredible place. 

moving on to real content...

Supreme Court

So as anyone who reads, listens to, or watches the news know there is a historic Supreme Court case dealing with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare, also Romneycare). Never before has the Supreme Court decided the outcome of a sitting President's single domestic signature achievement in an election year. The court started by saying that they were not here to play politics, but there to answer the very serious question in the hearts and minds of many American citizens (I don't really know a scenario where they could have possible made all of this more political). 

Here are the Opposing sides of the issues:


The individual mandate that requires most citizen without health insurance by 2014 is unconstitutional. Next the government will regulate and require citizens to buy broccoli. 

Holes in this problems. It was originally a GOP idea. Which can be traced back to 90's the last time there was an attempt at healthcare reform. Also this would set the precident that organization such as the EPA and other governing and regulating bodies cannot regulate. Not to mention the mandate penalty is a pseudo-tax. Can the government tax?


The biggest argument for the law is there a provision within the law that clearly states it cannot be challenged in court until the law is effect and citizens have actually been penalized for not having healthcare

There is significant precident in the government has the right to regulate and tax citizens. Not to mention it seems kind of rediculous that the federal government has the right to arrest, detain, and execute without trial or warrant any U.S. citizen if they are a "terrorist" or enemy of the state, but they don't have the right to force Americans to purchase life-saving healthcare. 

I am very frustrated in the way the Supreme Court has handled this case. By closing the courtroom doors, turning off the cameras, the case has been a media circus ring. You have people on all sides of the issue coming out of the courtroom speculating where they think the trial will end. I have seen every media pundit on cable news comment on every angle possible of the case without having real access to any amount of facts other than obscure court transcripts. By delaying this decision until June it allows the speculation to build and build and build for two months.

If you want to weigh in please comment on this blog. I would love to have a calm civil discussion on this issue and I hope we could find it stimulating and reaffirming for both sides. If you are looking for a more passive way to make your voice heard there is a poll on the right hand column you can participate in. 

enough of this crap.

Killing Boundaries

Well as you can see at the top of my blog other than a lovely introduction there is a link to Socialist Alternative (my political organization) and Killing Boundaries Press. Killing Boundaries Press is a new project me and some college kids started. The goal of it will be a monthly internet blogzine. We will have hard news, politics and editorials, arts and literature, entertainment, technology, and probably a section I am missing. 

I will link this blog audience to my articles in the magazine and encourage all of y'all to read all of the other information as well. 

My articles in this issue include:
  • A Review of Hunger Games (as Promised)
  • An Editorial on why I got my Tattoo (oops spilled the beans to the internet!!!)
  • An article entitled "What I am doing with my Tax Refund"
I am very excited to be part of this project. I am working with many other talented voices and it will be nice to see all of our stuff come together to create something relavent and engaging. 

I hope everyone enjoyed today's blog. It's going up pretty late and I have felt exhaused writing it. I do have some fears it is not my best work.  

As a little preview for tomorrow's blog which will be very good I hope. I have been so far very silent on the giant Martin Scandal out of Florida. That is for a very specific reason. There will be some fascinating cotent and hard reporting on events tomorrow that you will not want to miss. 

Peace and Love,

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