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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 2: Joys of Professors not caring, Where is our Nadar, and Twitter rant!

Howdy y'all

just like Mitt Romney I have tried crayfish once or twice and truly enjoyed it (BULLSHIT)

*Warning this blogpost is being written under the severe influence of being tickled and does not necessarily  reflect the views of a calmer, soberer Will Sullivan*

Professors not caring in the slightest

So I have the joy of being in two classes where my professors really don't care at all. Like not even in the slightest. My German professor realized early on that no one was ever going to do homework and showing up to class was a great honor for her. Instead of cracking the whip she has made increasingly more absurd concessions to the laziness of our class. It is very clear she does not want to fail anyone. Instead of doing her job she just gives us nice grades so she doesn't look bad as a professor. I will lay out the pros and cons of this teaching method of my German professor (perhaps we will revisit my theater professor in future blogging endeavours)


  • I feel truly terrible when I skip her class cause I know she won't be collecting homework or grading our actual understanding of the material
  • I don't have to do homework
  • I am now learning German because I am interested in the topic instead of because I have to fill a CLA credit
  • She acknowledges that most of the homework is busy work bullshit and therefore doesn't actually check homework
  • I have a much deeper understanding of the class materials because I, on my own accord, want to learn German
  • I miss a lot of classes
  • Next semester will be rough because I will be so out of practice for actually doing daily homework
  • no matter how lenient my professor is I still am very begrudgingly taken this course (screw CLA language requirements!)
  • I have zero respect for my Professor.
    • I stand by the position that respect is something a teacher demands, not something a teacher can acquire through "being my friend"
  • This course is a waste of time because:
    • I am burning through taxpayer money because I am learning the bear minimum and am only in the class because I have to be
    • I am wasting my professor's time because she dedicates time, energy and resources to a student who is at best passively interested and at worse very angry he is being forced to learn a foreign language
These points considered I truly enjoy my work and time in class I just feel the University could be spending its resources towards students who actually want to learn German and I could be using this time to work on my craft as an artist. 

Where is our  Nadar
*rant alert* (lots of political nonsense to pursue. Read with caution)

So for Socialist Alternative tonight we all read the national organization's grueling 16+ page document on the election season of 2012. The article was comprehensive,  well-written, and disenheartening. The article raised the question "Who do we support and campaign for in 2012 that is a solid opposition of the two Corporate parties?" The response was at best a shrug and at worst a session of beating one's head against the wall in frustration. 

We are at a time where BOTH corporate parties ( Republicans AND Democrats for those who are late to the party) have some of the lowest approval ratings in history. Also the political conscienceness of the electorate has not been this active in a very long time (with first battles in Wisconsin, and then Occupy, and now the revolt against the GOP's War on Women, and Trayvon Martin). The working Class people are angry motivated and ready to jump to action. 

So where is our Ralph Nadar? Where is the left- wing alternative to the two party corporate system? The ground has not been this cultivated for a serious third party candidate run in a very long time, and yet no one promising has risen. 

My personal hero, Russ Feingold, has sold out to the Obama re-election campaign. Even though the campaign is using Super-PAC's (something Feingold fiercely opposes). Dennis Kucinich has been kicked out of his own home district of Ohio. Bernie Sander's refuses to run as an independent. 

This is my plea to all of the left-wing, national-status activists that read my blog (LAWLS). We need a Ralph Nadar. I promise that if he or she were to step forward and run a serious election campaign against the two corporate parties that not only would Socialist Alternative work to expand your message,  that you would get the BIGGEST third party voting results ever. I repeat: EVER. 

Nadar has laid the ground in how an effective third party campaign can be operated and  run. Those opportunities can only be expanded with new social media mechanisms and a very activated pissed-off  youth base (me included HOLLA).

*rant ended*

Twitter rant

So I can't actually have two rants in one post (people might start to think I am a cynical negative bastard (AKA the truth HAHA)) <-- I just tapped my high school math skills to use parentheticals inside parentheticals. Is your mind blown?

So instead this is a calm twitter response....jk

So I created a Twitter account today. I was reading a blog on how to boost my readership. they suggested a whole number of things, most of which I am in the process of doing, but the biggest thing was, I HAVE TO BE ON ALL SOCIAL MEDIA SITES POSSIBLE TO LINK BACK TO MY SHIT!!!! ( they may have stated it slightly more eloquently...) 

So I created a Twitter for this blog. Hotdamn. After four years of avoided the Twitter phenomena I am now a convert. I sold my soul to the devil of the Internet (Because GOOGLE is a purely intentioned corporation and FACEBOOK has ALL my best interests at heart... sarcasm included no extra charge :) ) 

To create this bullshit account I had to follow five people. AND then  five interests. AND THEN five people in my email. I created my Twitter at about approx. 6pm and when I got back from Socialist Alternative at about 10pm there were 57 new tweets. 57! I was only following 14 thingies! UGH the awfulness and stupidity of the Internet!!!!!

Now that you have read my ringing endorsement of the social media site: Twitter, please follow me for blog updates at: @youngthespian42. 

See what I did there? COMEDY!!!

that's all for tonight, I hope the "tickling" (air quotes required) didn't lead to too much nonsensicalness and bullshit,


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