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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 4: The Joys of Posterings, Million Hoodie March, and Male Slut Shaming

The Joys of Postering

So for those of you who do not know I work in the marketing department for the Theater Department. The show we are working on is the Broadway smash-hit musical Spring Awakening. I wont go into details on the premise of the musical because y'all have the interwebs for that. Basically all you need to know is the show involves sex. Lots of sex and sex sells (we have sold 602 tickets without any posters up!). This is also the show that launched Lia Michele to stardom (for better but mainly for worse).

here is a small sample of the style of music from Spring Awakening:

Working in the marketing department one of the incredibly fun tasks I get to do is wander campus with a staples guns and put up posters everywhere. This may sound not so fun, but you obviously are not a 12 year old boy at heart like me. (I could just shoot a staple gun all day long).

Today was beautiful and it was amazing walking around outside from building to building. This campus is huge. Living on the West Bank and spending most of my time in Rarig (the theater building) campus can start to feel really small. I walked through about a dozen different buildings today. 80% of which I have never seen of or even heard of.

Having class in STSS, Carlson School of Management, and Fowell, I can forget how nice I have it in those buildings. Walking through some of the buildings I wandered through today it was like I was on a different planet. Some of these campus building seem like they have not have renovations since campus opened. This leads to journeys as you wander through floor plans that make no sense and you can smell the mold and see the crumbling drywall.

I encourage everyone to get out and enjoy the great weather of Spring and explore some areas of where ever you are that you never have even thought about. It can only end in a new perspective.

Million Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin

I am not really going into the story behind Trayvon Martin at this point. You literally (yes "Literally" you goddamn hipsters) have to have been living under a rock the last few weeks to not hear anything about this scandal.

So tonight Socialist Alternative participated in Minneapolis's Million Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin. The turn out was incredible. There were almost 5000 protesters there tonight (Source).  Just to put this protest in perspective there at launch day for OccupyMN (yes I was there too) there were about 2000+.

People bused in from Mankato, Duluth, and Minneapolis Technical College (MCTC) as well as all around the city. There were students, parents, elderly and children all united to not only bring justice for Trayvon and his family, but to end the institutional racism in our country.

I won't bore you with more details, but in the coming days a more thorough report written by a one Will Sullivan might come through the magic tubes of the internet (thanks Al Gore).

Here are pictures of signs we sported at the protest tonight:

Hey stalkers you can start to see my dorm room! Where do I live? I sleep with the door unlocked!!!

Male Slut shaming

Gender reversal?

Let me start by saying I stole this issue from @fakedansavage. Dan starts his podcast each week with a mini-political rant (the source of Will's inspiration starts to shine through).

The skinny basically is a male substitute teacher was fired from a Florida school district over the fact that he had a history of working in the porn industry. Now as an actor (who someday might be on stage or camera nude) I find this very troubling. What kind of standards or bars are we setting for future teachers? This man did nothing unprofessional in the classroom at all, but because of his other job the school district up and fires him? (also he broke no laws. I obviously don't support a teacher who sells crack as their other profession).

This entire issue reminds me of Wienergate of last year. Just to make my stance perfectly clear on the Anthony Wiener scandal I thought his actions did not justify him getting thrown out of Congress. The reason I did support him stepping down is he lied to the press and his constituents for several days. That is why he deserved to go. Politicians (and teachers) have private lives. As long as those stay out of their career then they have every right to do what they want between two or more consenting adults.

What kind of bar are we setting for ourselves in the future? I know how my generation works. To quote Dan Savage's rant "everyone under the age of 40 now as a mini-porn factory in their pocket. it's called their iphones and they are all using it." If porn is a thing that prevents us from running for public office, or teaching, or applying for a job then in another 10-15 years when the next generation takes over who will run our government? Teach our children? Provide goods and services to drive our economy?

Just food for thought. I know as a performer I never want to be held accountable for anything I do on stage in future employment endeavours. If I play a white supremacist in a show, that doesn't make me a racist. Performing in a porno does not make anyone  a pervert or dirty.  A job is a job.

Here is the teacher I am referencing on Dr. Drew defending himself I agree with everything he says:

well that's enough blogging for one night. I still have to write a lab report for Biology of Sex (and here I thought it was going to be a thirsty Thursday)

Night world,


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