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Welcome new vistors and thank you for returning dedicated fans. For more information about me please dig into my "About me section" or look at my G+. This was my first blog. I have rebuilt and specialized since this blog's inception. It now serves as a "hub" for the three blogs I write. Below this banner is "Welcome to the Club" which is my comics blog, "The Silver Screen" which is my Cinema blog, and "All the World's a Stage" which is my theatre blog. Read at your leisure!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The First Two Months... OR so

I am writing this to reflect a little both on the successes and failures of my writing as a I grow as an artist. Part of this blog is to just create a list in one space of the things I have written in the last two months or so. I hope you have enjoyed following me on my journey as I grow and develop. As always I would love for you to be part of the conversation. The more I work, the more I realize that I learn more from listening than speaking. Below will be a list of the successes and failures of all the writings I have done in the last month or so. If you have criticisms or compliments of this work I would love to hear them!

Welcome to the Club
This is my blog dedicating to researching and understand both the form of comics and what can be achieved in this form. Of the three blogs I write about various mediums this is the one I have the least understanding and experience with.

Post 1: Greetings and Introductions

In this post I describe my history with comics as a form and the reasons why I am interested in exploring and understanding the form. I think the largest failure of this post is it too general and not qutie focused enough. I am predominately interested in American comics. Even that classification is too vague.

Post 2: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?

This was my first attempt at reviewing a comic for its ideas. I am really proud of my analysis that this story is primarily about the contradiction with the idea of "ending" Batman. I think this post's largest failure is the fact that it goes off and tangentials that interest and fascinate me as a writer, but don't get tied back to the major points I am trying to make.

Post 3: Daytripper

This was one of the longest blogposts I have ever written. It is amazing to me that there can be so much to talk about. I am proud of the attempt I made at organizing the thoughts and having subcategories to focus the writing. Writing about this made me realize how easy it would be to write a whole book or teach a whole class on sole work. The biggest failure is I didn't take a stronger stance on the ending of this book. I didn't like it, but I loved the rest so much I feel like  I needed to pull my punches.

The Silver Screen

This is the blog where I focus in and study cinema. It is also the blog that has the most posts and least reviews.

Post 1: Les Misérables

This is the first film review I have written in a long time. I am really proud at how deep into the tech. of how the movie was shot and recorded this review goes. This tends to be my weakest region so it was really great to think through some of those things. The weakest point of this review is when I went into my history with the piece and that was maybe a little boring and not needed.

Post 2: Steve McQueen Exhibit

This is one of the highlights of my blogging resurgence so far. Going to the Steve McQueen exhibit was such a new experience that I had so much to say about. I feel the biggest struggle with this post was figuring out how to describe the films while I knew almost none of my audience had seen them.

Post 3: Oscar Predictions

This was a short fun little post. Part of me wants to do more posts like this, but another part of me wonders the value in a post like this that lacks most analysis.

Post 4 & 5: Top 10

I have never done a top ten for a year in cinema. In my opinion this was not the strongest year for cinema, but the effort of naming the ten best and then ranking then was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I am really proud of the feedback I got on a lot my comments. Next year I hope to have more reviews for the top ten and therefore I can just refer to the reviews and not take up so much space.

Post 6: Intro to Concerning Canon

I am really proud of this list. It was more than a year in the making, but I would still love feedback on the films I am missing.

Post 7: 2001: A Space Odyssey

I really don't know how I feel about this work. Writing about something that is such a masterpiece seems so pointless. Especially something that has been written about by everyone. What profound is left to say? I like how I made this piece more about my interaction with the film than the film itself, but I worry this post got self-centered and boring.

Post 8: Oscar Recap

Man am I ready to not talk or think about the 2013 Oscars again ever again. This post was short and sweet. I feel like most of the points and arguments I made could have been made better and had more substance. I just wanted to stop thinking about the Oscars. I am ready for 2013.

All the World's a Stage

Post 1: Back on Track

This was the hardest and most critical things I have ever written about myself. I actually go back and read this once a week to remind myself both the rut I put myself in and to recommit to fully embracing my craft and my passion.

Post 2: Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind

This was such a fun show to see and write about. I felt this was the first time I really started applying the tool box I have been building in theatre classes the last two years for reviews. I got some parts wrong about the Neo-Futurist's process and that's a little embarrassing but that's life.

Post 3: Cher Show

This was a weird show to write about. Since it the cast was made up by mostly my peers and friends. I felt really uncomfortable sharing my thoughts, but I felt that made it twice as important. We are in an institution focused on learning and feedback is the most important part of our education process. I was really proud about the feedback I got from my peers.

Post 4: Marriage of Figaro

This was the beginning of the end of the idea that I was going to write about every play I read in class. I am really proud of how I wrote about this piece as well as the feedback I received from my dissection. I wish I dedicated the same amount of time to all the plays I have read in class. Tremendous value in doing so.

Post 5: Danton's Death

Not to toot my own horn but this was the best paper I have ever written for my theatre classes and the work I put into it really showed in my opinion. This was the first paper I have written since I restarted my blogging venture. I can already see the value and improvement in the process.

Well there's the first two months of the blogging in a nutshell. I have felt constantly that I am not writing at the frequency that I intended to. At the same time when I put it all in one place I feel proud of what I have accomplished. Once I get to next week (Spring Break). Hopefully there will be an explosion of writing.