Welcome One and All

Welcome new vistors and thank you for returning dedicated fans. For more information about me please dig into my "About me section" or look at my G+. This was my first blog. I have rebuilt and specialized since this blog's inception. It now serves as a "hub" for the three blogs I write. Below this banner is "Welcome to the Club" which is my comics blog, "The Silver Screen" which is my Cinema blog, and "All the World's a Stage" which is my theatre blog. Read at your leisure!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Endings and New Beginnings

Greetings Friends!

If you are reading this post you are far more dedicated to this blog than I have been. I commend you for your patience and dedication. To say this blog and my writing has taken the back burner would be an understatement. I have not written anything in quite awhile, which is not to say I haven't wanted to write anything. Everyday there is a dozen new things I've wanted to write about, but between school, theatre, work and life I have lost passion to for this blog. But never fear new content is coming, but before we get into let me fill you in on what I have been up to since I've stopped writing (because we really all read this because we're interested in ME right? NOT!)

Things I have done as of late:

  • I had my first professional acting gig. Someone actually paid me to pretend to be someone I wasn't! I would love to go on and on with how amazing of an experience it was, but it really wasn't. It was one of the worst experiences of my career. So I have been paid and now I am cynical. 
  • I got a job. I now work for a fast food restaurant that only serves chicken. I also love almost every second of it. Everyone there is chill, down to earth, and really great to talk to. 
  • I wrote a play. Well I didn't write a play, but I was part of an ensemble that create a piece from scratch and performed it. It was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. To see work you have written be put on stage and be received by an audience was incredible. 
  • I passed German AND Geology. I have never come so close to failing a class in my life nor have I worked so hard to save it. I only have one semester of German left and I might kill me but I survived for now. 
  • My votes helped prevent voter suppression and bigotry. It was a great election season to be a lefty. Gay Marriage was passed in three states and a bigoted fuel marriage amendment failed in my home state as well as a Voter I.D.  bill. It was also pretty cool that war on drugs was rejected in two states. 
  • I got a directing gig. My first college level directing will be assisting with "Something About a Bear" a new work and collaboration with Theatre Novi Most on campus. It'll be a lot of work, but hopefully it will also be very rewarding. 
Well enough bragging let's look to the future of this blog and writing in general. While talking to professionals, professors, and listening the magnitude of Internet media I consume all tell me the same things on how to break into the industry as a critic:

  • Build a specific audience
  • Write at a level of quality that could really be published
  • Consistently have new content that drops on the same time and date
Looking over this list I have not accomplished any of the three. This blog has been about anything and everything that interests me in any given day. New blog content is also released about as consistently as a Square Enix  game. My grammers and punctuations and spelings need some serius work. 

Square Enix's stock as of late:

I have built a plan to address and improve all of these problems as this blog has been and will continue to be about artistic self improvement first and foremost. I will be launching three new blogs. Each with much more specific areas of study. Now I know what you are thinking. Will how can you keep up with three blogs when you couldn't even handle one blog?  Here is the plan going forward:
  • Each new blog will have a much more realistic content volume (each getting one submission a week with the opportunity of a possible second with time permitting.) 
  • Each blog will have a hard-set drop date and time. This will hopefully combat procrastination and me avoiding doing the work
  •  Each blog will focus on a specific medium that I hope to write about or create my own work in someday.
  • This blog will serve as a hub linking my three blogs together and will have a weekly reader's digest version of the work I did each week. 
That is the goal of it all. Will it be successful? Only time will tell, but I am excited to get back to writing and expanding my interpretation and understanding of art. Without further adieu lets unveil these new blogs. 

Welcome to the Club

This is a blog that will be focusing on the world of comics. Each week I will tear into a trade paperback and share my thoughts on in. The goal is to alternate between "Superhero Comics" and the loosely defined category of "Non-Superhero comics." Eventually there will hopefully be marathons of larger bodies of works, web comics, and interviews, but I promised myself I will start small and realistic. 

The Silver Screen 

This blog will focus solely on movies. Each week I'll watch or go see a movie and then share my thoughts about it. The goal is to alternate between film cannon and more contemporary cinema. I am not nearly as literate in film as I hope to be so this is a way to expand my understanding of film.

All the World's a Stage

This is the blog that is closest to my profession at large and what I am studying. My goal is to one day be an actor/writer/director of both scripted theatre and work I devised myself. It is surprising to me how little scripts I have actually read. So the first year of this blog I am dubbing the 52-Week Play challenge. Basically I will read a script a week and write a little about it. This is the blog I will also post theatre reviews when and if I get the opportunity to see live theatre and have the time to write about it.

So that's the plan. Everyone who reads this has been with me so far and I hope you join me on my journey of development as an artist and a writer. However I understand that my passions are not the same as everyone else's and therefore I don't expect everyone to read everything. Now that the blogs are more specific you can read what interests you and ignore the rest. 

Have a great New Years,


PS Each of these blogs in the next three days will have their first post. Comics tomorrow, Then film, and then theatre. Look for that if you're interested in more specifics of the blogs.