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Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 1 (attempt 2) Lip-service, First and Last Midnight Premiere, and Looking forward

Lip Service

Like every politician in history I have fallen into the Habit of making promises I cannot keep. I talked big and bold about the 365 day challenge and then didn't even make it to day two. This whole blog is a work in progress. It is an intellectual journey as I find my artistic and critical voice. I still intend to complete the challenge someday and so every time I flub up I will just start over.

I am aware I have a very small audience, but hopefully it will grow over time and y'all can brag about how you were in here on the ground floor before Will had his shit together. Like I said apologies for not getting ANY blogposts out this weekend.

First and Last Opening night

I lived a very sheltered life as a youth (now that I'm a grown-ass man at 19. Basically I know everything *sarcasm alert*). Because of this I never experienced the thrill and wonder of a midnight release for a new movie.

That being said I did not find ANY of said thrill and wonder as I went to the midnight premiere of "The Hunger Games." I am reviewing "The Hungers Games" (HG) on an internet magazine I am part of so I will not go into details about the film itself (two second spolier: meh...). instead I am going to discuss my experiences at my first midnight premiere.

Firstly I did not get the joys of the waiting in lengthy lines or camping out early or anything like that. I saw HG at an AMC in downtown Minneapolis (stalkers start taking notes). This theater was screening HG in 4 different spaces and each was full to the brim. Since I am responsible (and by me I mean my friend). We went and picked up our tickets early in the day (and by we I mean the responsible friend).

Instead of playing the engaging three slides of movie trivia I instead walked around Hennipen got some delicious Jimmy Johns and walked calmly into the theater with twenty minutes before the screening.

What I thought would be twenty minutes before the movie. I guess since its a midnight premiere and there are no screenings afterwards they just go fucking crazy with previews. I looked at my phone and actually title credits started rolling at 12:21. UGH.

Highlights of previews included approx. 40% of the audience booing when the lastest (and final PLEASE) Twilight trailer started playing (you could heard all the boyfriends getting smacked in the arm by their ladies after that stunt). The next highlight was Snow White and the Hunstman. I predict that movie will be crap considering is comes from the producers of 2010's "Alice in Disaster-Sreenplsywrighting-Land. I will admit the trailer I saw looked beautiful. I also nearly had a hernia over the Spiderman trailer. (the UNTOLD story? REALLY? Minus the decapes of comics and televison and the THREE Movie franchise).

As for the actual "event" of the midnight premiere it was not anything special. I actually fell asleep (partially the lateness partially the filmaking). I just don't see the appeal of midnight screenings now that I stay up late every night. It seems like I would rather just see a film with high energy and a less fan-crazed audience. Not to mention I had to walk back home cause the busses stopped and got back to my room at 330.

Looking Forward

I thought I would give y'all a snapshot of the post upcoming this week so yo know which blogs to look for/ avoid.

Tomorrow- at Socialist Alternative we will be having a giant discussion on the 2012 election. I will definitely be charged and have some ideas about that.

thrusday- I will be participating in the Million Hoodie March for Treyvon Martin so I will have some background and reporting on that

friday- the day we have our department town hall meeting about why the X-board thinks it has the right to dismantel the Xperimental theater that the student body elected and created.(can you read my opinion of the issue?)

things to look for- I have an editorial already handed in for the blogozine, I'm also writing the Hungers games review this week

misc. I will have a very passionate post dedicated to my new ink in the upcoming days as well. I don't know if that's going in the blogzine or here. Look forward to this all.

Captain James T. Kirk Signing off,


PS The writing of this blog was fueled by the gorgeous guitar licks of My Chemical Romance and Audioslave. I hope it reads as whatever that hybrid creates.

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