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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 1: A real petition, a fake petition, and the merits of free stuff

Real Petition

So last night I went to Socialist Alternative for the first time in almost two months. My activist urges were almost on overload so it was good to go back and plug in. It was interesting to hear all that the gang has been up to in the last two months.

Occupy Minnesota has kind of petered out and died a tragic death due to a mixture of cold weather and police brutality. I think this is a good thing because the campaign has shifted into something much more productive in my opinion called Occupy Homes. This campaign is focused on going to homes where people are going to be evicted and organizes with the neighborhood to build an on-call citizen force to resist and prevent forcible eviction. While this goes on occupy activist and neighbors send mail and set up phone banks to request that the bank reconsider the eviction decision and sit down with their client to negotiate a payment plan that is both realistic and preserves the homeowner's shelter.

If you are more curious about this campaign and their actions please go here: http://occupyourhomes.org/blog/2012/mar/15/m14-mn-march-on-us-bank/

If you want to help please feel free to sign this petition to stand strong and help Joe Vinje keep his home. That link is here:

iF you are feeling truly ambition feel free to send emails the the VP of US Bank and his staff here:
1) thomas.joyce@usbank.com
2) valerie.norris@usbank.com
3) kimberly.nelson2@usbank.com

your help and time in this fight against the eviction crisis is very appreciated.

Fake Petition- Middlebrook Elevator Manifesto

All of this real activism has encouraged me to find my own political cause. As I was walking around campus today looking for an issue it hit me. I was riding the elevator from 11th floor down to one. A girl got in on five and went down and got off at three. I was like REALLY? You can't walk down three (theatre major don't know math!) flights of stairs? This disrespectful elevator culture drives me crazy. So I am writing a manifesto and creating a petition that hopefully lots of people will sign (one day this very petition will be so powerful that it will be too politically costly for even Barack Obama not to sign it!).

here are the rules:

1) Floors 1-3 don't get to use the elevator ever. Ever. They can walk up three flights of stairs. I run up and down 11 as part of my workout everyday.
a) exemption is granted for copious ammounts of luggage, laundry, or physical disabilities

2) If you are on 6 or lower please just take the stair if you're going down. Its faster anyways.

3) There NEEDS to be an express elevator that only goes to 10,11,12 and only goes back down to one. I have been late for so many classes because the elevator decides to stop on every floor
a) You may say this is floorist but think about who gets to walk down and back up all those stairs when there is a fire drill. Not to mention heat rises. Nough said.

4) The person that runs into the elevator and then holds the elevator for his friends to come 5-10 minutes later needs to loose elevator rights.

5) If you and your friends decide to have very intimate and personal conversation in the elevator around strangers you loose the right to be offended when the stranger looks at you with judgement "seriously Tracy it is kind of Whorey to suck three dicks at one party"

This is my Manifesto.

If you want to join my real (fake) activist cause please follow this link and sign the petition here: http://signon.org/sign/middlebrook-elevator?source=c.url&r_by=3745597

Free Stuff

Being a poor, starving (well honestly well-fed and financially supported by my parents) college student there is nothing that makes my day more than free stuff. Walking out of German today I received a free Novel and Cd by a guy handing them out on the street. The concept of this duo I find very ambitious and interesting. The CD is intented to be a companion to the book with each track specified to certain pages in the novel.

I've Decided to do a "Review in Progress" reading and listening to each track and reading each section for the next few days. I am going to start this "Review in Progress" a week from Friday March 23. This will give the interwebs a chance to find their copy of the work-in-question so they can agree or disagree with my opinions. If this is something that doesn't interest you feel free to just skip this section of my daily posts.

here is the book's website for more information: www.toofar.com

and about the author and musician in general: www.richshapero.com

Well Thats all for now. Until tomorrow (which may actually be 1 am or later friday TEHE),


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