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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Introductions, 365 day challenge, and The end of Santorum?


Greetings and welcome fellow citizens of the internet. My name is Will Sullivan and I am currently a college student and the University of Minnesota--Twin Cities. I am studying Theatre Arts and potentionally double majoring in Political Science. I am starting this blog as a way to get back into the habit of writing everyday. As an artist it is very important to me that I find my voice.

One of the lines from one of my favorite plays, Laramie Project, brings across the idea of changing your piece of the world-- to make it better. In this life, that is the legacy I hope to leave behind. I want to be remembered as someone who strove to actively change the world around him. This blog is my first step as finding my voice as an artist to objectively reach that goal.

Now that the pretentious side of me is out the way we can get on to the fun stuff. This blog is going to be about whatever I feel like: critiquing, ranting, raving about in any given day. Topics of interest to me are theater, film, literature, television, and politics. All of my writing will be very opinion based, but I encourage and long for discussion on what I write. Critique opens us all up to new ideas and shapes us into becoming more well rounded people. In the words of Porky the Pig (I really hope people appreciate that allusion) That's all for now Folks!

365 Day Challenge

As mentioned earlier I want to get back into the habit or writing everyday. So starting tomorrow March 21, 2012 I will begin the 365 day challenge. The goal is if I put a big scary number on each blog post it will actually encourage me to write daily. I can't promise you that every day will be good, entertaining or insightful. What I can promise is that each day will be unique and strive to be all the previously mentioned things. I want to use this as a way to become a better writer so any constructive criticism is encouraged and appreciated. That being said, I do want to leave the internets with a sense of real content. I'm not starting this blog to talk about myself; rather to entertain and encourage thought and discussion. So lets end this with a small smakeral of Santorum!

The Small Smakeral of Santorum

So Rick Santorum lost the Illinois primary tonight. For the non-political junkies that haven't been following the GOP primary here is the short 411:

Rick Santorum is an asshole who hates:
1) government
2) gays
3) women
4) abortion
5) contraceptives
6) institutes of higher education
7) Separation of Church and State

He thinks:
1) Obama is not a Christian
2) Mit Romney is an empty suit
3) Iran should be nuked
3) Woman who are raped and become pregnant should "Make the best out of a bad situation"

Misc. Facts:
1) He lost is his seat in the senate in PA by 18% margin (he was the biggest looser *ques drums*)
2) google Santorum. LAWLS.

It is a good reality check that the majority of the state of Illinois isn't bat-shit crazy and doesn't support this candidate. I can't completely conceal my disappointment though. This primary was Santorum's last stand (REALLY google Santorum). His disappointing showing tonight marks the beginning of the end of Santorum in our politics (pun Pun PUN). Romney is becoming the inevitable candite in this long string of GOP Front runners. Here is a little timeline of the past year or so:

GOP frontrunners:
1) Mitt Romney
2) Donald Trump
3) Michelle Bachmann
4) Rick Perry
5) Herman Cain
6) Newt Gingrich
7) Rick Santorum
8) Newt Gigrinch ( I swear it happened twice!)
9) Rick Santorum
10) Willard Mitt Romney

While this primary season has been nothing short of comedic gold (Daily Show has never had higher ratings) it seems the republicans have finally found their baby. I was team Santorum because I wanted to see this thing dragged out as long as possible. The longer Santorum stayed in, the more right the whole dialogue of the debate got and the harder and harder it becomes for Romney to beat Obama. Now Romney seems to have firm ground to stand on the focus will now become, (to quote a GOP bumper sticker to illustrate the GOP's racism) American doesn't "Re-Nig in 2012". Romney is a weak candidate but Obama hasn't done much for his base in these last three years so it will be a long haul to the ballot box in November.

top five Santorum phrases American will never get to use:

1) President Santorum
2) 4 more years of Santorum
3) Santorum deadlocked in debate with Putin
4) I have gained some respect for Bush; at least he wasn't Santorum

Goodnight interwebs see you tomorrow!



  1. I sure hope you are right! I am not a Satan fan opps I spell like he is sure to.....lol. He is bad business.

  2. Lol maybe your Freudian Slip was actually the correct spelling? :P Thanks for readying