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Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 7: Michael Fassbender, Wisconsin Primary, and Blog Business

Michael Fassbender

So I have been wanting to write about Michael Fassbender for awhile. This subject has kind of hit the back burner (it was going to be a feature of my post two posts in a row).  Ironically today is the day I found space to post about my Hollywood passion. The irony is today is Fassbender's birthday. How appropriate.

I have chosen to fixate on Fassbender because, in my opinion, he is the most important actor working in Hollywood today. Earlier viewers such as my favorite movie podcast Filmspotting  knew as early as 2008 with then-debut director Steve McQueen released Fassbender to the world (the movie was called Hunger which is currently on Netflix CHECK IT OUT). The more mainstream crowd of film finally discovered him in 2009 as Lt. Archie Hicox in  Tarantino's Inglorious Bastards. Then 2011 became the year of Michael Fassbender. He became a household name. take a look at this pretty incredible filmography, just for 2011 mind you.

  • Rodchester in Jayne Eyre 
  • Magneto/ Eric Lehnsherr in X-men: First Class
  • Carl Jung in A Dangerous Method (directed by David Cronenberg)
  • Paul in Haywire (directed by Stephen Soderbergh)
  • Brandon Sullivan in Shame (directed by Steve McQueen)
This year we have Fassbender in Prometheus to look forward to and another project with Ridley Scott in 2013. The first and most obvious reason I think Fassbender is going to conquer Hollywood is just the pure level of talent he has. He is the type of actor that only comes across once in a generation. Don't believe me? I urge you Buy Shame. That's right buy it. It is worth owning. Fassbender's performance in this movie is one of the best in years. I can't believe the Academy snubbed him of even a nomination this year. 

Check out this trailer and buy Shame on April 15th

The second reason I believe Fassbender's rise to fame is inevitable is his project choices. As he has risen in recognition he has avoided shitty scripts choices and worked hard to associate himself with a higher and higher pedigree of director (McQueen, Cronenberg, Soderbergh, and Scott, Tarantino <-- *grumble*). He is mirroring Dicaprio's and Clooney's path to success. They both chose their project wisely and now they can do anything they want. Right now DiCaprio and Clooney welcome him as an established newcomer, but after the year of Michael Fassbender they must be starting to feel the target on their backs.

Happy Birthday Michael and I look forward to seeing your career blossom and mature.  I used to be team Damon and then DiCaprio knocked him out, but now I am all about the Fassbender. 

Wisconsin Primary

Well although we are still in the beginning stages of our relationship Internet community, I feel like we have had enough of discourse to know politics would come back into the conversation. I hope you enjoyed the politically free blogs as much as I did, but time to get back to the old grind.

I do legitimately hope to find a balance of content as the first few posts have been heavy in politics and the more recent posts have been arts heavy. I think some days are  just going to be political days and some will be arts days.

So my home state has its primary tomorrow. within 24 hours of when this post goes live Mitt Romney will be anointed the winner of the Wisconsin primary and every media pundit will call for Rick Santorum to drop out of the race and unite behind a republican candidate (The media has given up on Newt realizing he his crazy and will stay in with 0% of the vote). 

I predicted this narrative a few weeks ago on my inaugural post (check it out: here). I said if Santorum doesn't win Illinois his presidential bid is over. So, I will take another shot at prediction. Rick Santorum is going to loose Wisconsin. He is going to loose Wisconsin badly.  The margins Romney is ahead of right now in the polling are understated. Santorum was done  in Illinois and though he may stay in after a loss in Wisconsin, it will become increasing harder for him to justify staying in.

This is the narrative I have laid out, but it is not the narrative I want. I don't want the right to unify around a candidate. I want this primary to last as long as possible. The longer Santorum stays in as a challenged to Romney, the further Romney's tone shifts to the right and the more of his campaign money he has to burn getting the nomination. President Willard Romney is a terrifying concept and we need to prevent it at all costs.

So I urge my Wisconsin readership. Go vote tomorrow. Wisconsin is an open primary state which means you can switch sides. The Voter ID bill passed will not be in effect because it is currently under federal sanction. Please take 20 minutes out of your day, stop by your polling station and cast a vote for Rick Santorum. Keep the insanity alive as long as possible!


Well this are just some random notes for wrapping up the show for tonight. 

First: I have been following the trending of this blog and I know I have a consistent readership of about somewhere in the 30-40 range. I am proud of this number and I love and respect all of you for visiting everyday and giving my thoughts and ideas a slice of your time. That being said I think we can grow this number. 

I am pimping my shit on all forms of social media I have available (I am looking into Reddit in the coming weeks). If you like this content and want it to continue I urge you to take matters into your own hands. Please introduce this blog to one or two of your friends. If y'all did that and successfully converted them we would have a readership of 80. That's 40 more people to introduce 40 new people to the blog and then we have 120 ect. 

Here's a list of ways you can help fight to keep this blog alive and kicking
  • Click an ad. Just one ad a day. You're already visiting everyday so why not add the extra five seconds of robbing a corporation of its hard earned money. Even if my writing says otherwise, I spend of lot of time and effort on this blog and small (very very very small) compensation makes the amount of time spent justifiable. (Besides lets be honest it is just money I will spend to go to a show or a movie  to then write about and then share with you. See the circularity of this arrangement?)
  • Add me on Googe +. I really want to get to know fans more. I honestly want to start a conversation with you all. I have said this blog is a discussion and right now that discussion is unfortunately very one-sided. I realize the comment system on this blog is not ideal; maybe G+ is a better format? If our conversation is interesting I will post it into the blog and then you'll be famous just like me! (humor. I am not being a narcissistic ass I swear.) 
  • Finally most importantly (to me at least) help me help you. The Internet is a beautiful place full of creativity all around. If you have a blog or a band or YouTube or whatever. Share it with me. I would love to be supportive of people that support me. Maybe we can do crossovers and plug each other's stuff? That way everyone wins. Food for though perhaps. 
That's all I got for you tonight. SA is tomorrow, it will be our public meeting and discussion on the Trayvon shooting so expect a report back on that. Also I have a feeling I'm going to have to finally do my laundry tomorrow so expect some fun things involving laundry (HINT Neil Patrick Harris may or may not be involved). 

Good night moon,


PS the soft smooth music of Zooey Deschanel's band She & Him powered this blog. Check it out its really good shit!

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