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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 13: Why I art, free write, a little video, Obama


I am sorry there has not been a post in two days. I have been really busy and stressed out the last few days. I hope to be back to dailyish posts starting today.

Why I art

I just wanted to talk a little about how important creating art is to me. I am an actor and into theater so that is my main art form, but I also enjoy and dabble in music, movies, and writing. Art to me is about creating something to change the world. I know that sounds kind of silly but I truly believe it. Art is created to challenge society. To force society to open its mind and look at an idea from a different perspective. 

I don't expect to change millions of people live and change the massive scope of the world. Theater is far more personal than that. The bond an actor forms with its audiences is unique and special. I am not in this industry for fame or fortune I am in it to change lives. If I can open one mind and shatter one prejudice,  that is a successful performance. 

I believe that is how we change the world. One personal connection at a time. One of my favorite lines from one of my favorite plays The Laramie Project  talks about the concept of changing your piece of the world to make it better. That is my goal in life. to positively change my piece of the world. That is why I need to create. 

The idea of sitting behind a desk for the rest of my life crunching number terrifies me. The "safe" route might guarantee me a livelihood, but it is not living. Being alive is to me is critically engaging in the world to make it better. That is why I art. 

Free write

So in a theater class last week I did a little free writing. Before I wrote this piece I went through a meditative exercise. The goal of this writing assignment was to be completely out of my head. To write without thinking. I thought the way my piece turned out was interesting. I wouldn't say it is a line of thinking or a philosophy I necessarily agree with but it definitely makes me think and I hope it makes you think as well. I hope you enjoy and maybe it will make you think as well:

"There is no right or wrong way? There has to be a right or wrong. Edison talked about how he found 2000 ways to not invent a light bulb, but there was eventually a right way. I wouldn’t be sitting in this theater reading this page right now if there was no right or wrong way.

 What if the human race was born without the concept of right or wrong? People all just did what they wanted without thinking about their actions. The world would be a cruel twisted place. Or would it? The world is a twisted and cruel place now. On one hand there are universal rights and wrongs. You can only watch another defenseless human being getting beaten for so long before you feel empathy and moral outrage for him. 

With that feature of humanity removed the human race would be unstoppable. They train this feature out of military forces to build an effective robotic army. Lots of people are born and raised into warped and twisted ideologies. Moral codes that say it is ok to hate someone because they are different than you. Codes that assume that you are better than someone because you are some higher being’s chosen one. Think about: man a clean slate. No morality."

I think the most disturbing thing about this writing, to me at least, is how closely is follows this author's personal ideology: 

 Good old Ayn Rand. I don't really believe a lot of what I wrote but I do think it was an interesting exercise. 

Little Video

Occupy Homes has become my personal campaign right now. I am really busy with school and theater and life so I don't have the amount of time to dedicate to the campaign as I would like to. However I can repost on the internet and effect my sphere of influence as much as possible.

I have talked about Occupy Homes for several weeks now, but I really haven't shared the story of the people we are fighting for. Instead of speaking for these brave homeowners I thought it would be more fitting to let these homeowners speak for themselves. So here are Frank and Christina and this is their story. Please take five minutes out of their day and watch:


I end with a mini political rant. Obama proves time and time again there is no left issue he will not fold on.  This week his administration announce it would not be pursuing an executive order that would prevent federal contractors from LGBT discrimination. Amazing the first black (ish) President of the United States  is willing to ignore a civil rights issue because it is not politically "safe."

All I say to you Mr. President is this country was once filled will leaders and people who fought and died for rights that created the path to you being elected into the White House. Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, Malcolm X, and many many more weren't worried about stances that were politically "safe." Instead they concerned themselves with issues that were morally right.

This is just one of the mile-long laundry list of reasons I am not voting for Obama in 2012. As we get closer to November I will dedicate an entire blog to Obama' s long lists of disappointments. All I can say is shame  Mr. President.

On a fun not here are a few pictures that illustrate my frustration with the two-party corporate system.

 My Favorite:

With that I bid the internet good day. I will say I am living a Santorum-free lifestyle and I couldn't be happier. I am pretty proud of how I predict the demise of Santorum's campaign exactly as it unfolded. Want to fact check me? Read this.

Good day lovely internet,


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