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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Top 100 Films

So I've been thinking about doing this for awhile. I have always wanted to know what films I considered the best in my library.  Before I jump in  and drop the list though I do want to qualify it a little just so every one is on the same page with me.

  • I have an upcoming list of the top 100 Film Classics I haven't seen or need to revisit. Obviously, ALL those movies are disqualified from my list and next year when I have finished my list of movies I need to see some of those will be added to it. 
  • It was only a year ago I became critically interested in  films. I hope this list dramatically changes every year as I become more immersed and educated in the study of film
  • I believe in stakes and context. Lists aren't interesting unless we give them stakes. So the stakes of this list is: if every film in the history of the art form was destroyed and I could only save 100 theses are the 100 I would save and in the order of importance. I'm not saying these are the 100 greatest films of all time. I am saying these are the 100 most important films to me as someone fascinated in the art form of film
  • In the coming days and weeks I will write a paragraph of WHY these moving are so important. I considered lots of things while making this list:
    • Nostalgia
    • Importance in cinematic history
    • Quality of the Film
    • Acting
    • Directing
    • Writing
    • Entertainment Factor (still haven't made it through Lawrence of Arabia or Ten Commandments acting and directing aside they are soooooooo boring)
    • Popularity- Is this movie present on other top 100 list? Was it commercially successful? Does that matter?
    • Relevance to the time it was released. Citizen Kane if it were released today as is would be garbage but for the time it was a tremendously good and important film
  • Things I do not feel qualified to assess or comment on:
    • cinematography 
    • lighting
    • editing
    • Foreign Films
    • Westerns
    • War Movies
All of that qualifying aside in the coming days and weeks I will have blogs dedicated to why I think each movie is important and why it is where it is. I also will have that Upcoming Top 100 movies I need to see. Submissions for ideas on films I need to see are greatly appreciated. Without further adieu let's look at my Top 100 films:

  1.   It’s a Wonderful Life
  2.  .  When Harry Met Sally
  3.      .       Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    4.     2001: A Space Odyssey
    5.     Tree of Life
    6.     Howl’s Moving Castle
    7.     To Kill a Mockingbird
    8.     Hot Fuzz
    9.     Memento
    10. Fight Club
    11. The Shinning
    12. Revolutionary Road
    13. Network
    14. Annie Hall
    15. A Beautiful Mind
    16. American History X
    17. Wizard of Oz
    18. Dog Day Afternoon
    19. Oh Brother Where Art Thou?
    20. Pulp Fiction
    21. Donnie Darko
    22. Death of a Salesman
    23. The Social Network
    24. Dr. Strangelove
    25. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
    26. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back
    27. Adaptation
    28. Fantasia
    29. Shawshank Redemption
    30. The Matrix
    31. Brokeback Mountain
    32. Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan
    33. Who Framed Roger Rabbit
    34. Airplane!
    35. Raiders of the Lost Arc
    36. Lion King
    37. Wall-E
    38. Moon
    39. Cabaret
    40. Michael Clayton
    41. Shame
    42. Dances with Wolves
    43. Good Will Hunting
    44. Blade Runner
    45. Chicago
    46. The Departed
    47. Walk the Line
    48. Hunt for Red October
    49. A Man for All Seasons
    50. Fiddler on the Room
    51. The Iron Giant
    52. E.T.
    53. Trainspotting
    54. Wall Street
    55. Winter’s Bone
    56. Groundhog Day
    57. The Blues Brothers
    58. Lost in Translation
    59. Scream
    60. The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas
    61. Back to the Future
    62. Milk
    63. Syriana
    64. Die Hard
    65. Death at a Funeral
    66. The Hurt Locker
    67. (500) Days of Summer
    68. Frost/ Nixon
    69. Jaws
    70. Rain Man
    71. Spirited Away
    72. Dead Poet Society
    73. Big Fish
    74. Pan’s Labyrinth
    75. A Few Good Men
    76. Exorcist
    77. In the Loop
    78. Bourne Ultimatum
    79. Some Like it Hot
    80. The Life of Brian
    81. History of the World Part 1
    82. Black Swan
    83. V For Vendetta
    84. The Good Shepard
    85. Inception
    86. JFK
    87. October Sky
    88. Thirteen Days
    89. Brothers
    90. Benny and Joon
    91. Pineapples Express
    92. Silence of the Lambs
    93. Thank You For Smoking
    94. The Dark Knight
    95. The Secret of NIMH
    96. Toy Story & Toy Story 3
    97. Edward Scissorhands
    98. Fail Safe
    99. Babe
    100.     Joyeux Noel


  1. I was seriously done with this list at number one.

    After the Top 10 it becomes maybe 50% more acceptable to me. Then again we have very different approaches to making these lists (my third anual coming at the end of August), maybe yours is more you.

    1. We definitely should have a debate on the show someday about It's a Wonderful Life. Maybe around Christmas?

  2. It’s a Wonderful Life - yup
    . When Harry Met Sally - haven't seen.
    . Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - haven't seen.
    4. 2001: A Space Odyssey - good but not sure it is this good.
    5. Tree of Life - haven't seen.
    6. Howl’s Moving Castle - haven't seen.
    7. To Kill a Mockingbird - haven't seen in a long time.
    8. Hot Fuzz - No
    9. Memento - No
    10. Fight Club - yup
    11. The Shinning - never really cared for this film as much as others.
    12. Revolutionary Road - like the film but not sure it is top 100 material. Would have to rewatch.
    13. Network - haven't seen but will put top of my list.
    14. Annie Hall - haven't seen.
    15. A Beautiful Mind - haven't seen.
    16. American History X - I think yes, but it has been too long.
    17. Wizard of Oz - Yup
    18. Dog Day Afternoon - Yup
    19. Oh Brother Where Art Thou? - Yup
    20. Pulp Fiction - Yup
    21. Donnie Darko - ...stil can't decide
    22. Death of a Salesman - haven't seen
    23. The Social Network - havent' seen
    24. Dr. Strangelove - haven't seen
    25. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring - Yup
    26. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back - Yup
    27. Adaptation - Haven't seen although I meant to see a few times.
    28. Fantasia - Could be higher
    29. Shawshank Redemption - Could be higher
    30. The Matrix - Yup
    31. Brokeback Mountain - Yup
    32. Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan - Haven't seen
    33. Who Framed Roger Rabbit - been too long to comment.
    34. Airplane! - Yup
    35. Raiders of the Lost Arc - Haven't seen
    36. Lion King - Yup
    37. Wall-E - Haven't seen but should have by now.
    38. Moon - Yup (not sure it should be quite this high)
    39. Cabaret -haven't seen
    40. Michael Clayton - haven't seen
    41. Shame - haven't seen
    42. Dances with Wolves - not sure about this one
    43. Good Will Hunting - maybe, but been a bit too long to comment
    44. Blade Runner - No
    45. Chicago - Pretty good...not sure it is this good but...
    46. The Departed - Haven't seen, but should see and this is probably right
    47. Walk the Line - Tried to watch this so many times and had DVD probs every time.
    48. Hunt for Red October - Haven't seen
    49. A Man for All Seasons - Haven't seen

  3. 50. Fiddler on the Room - Yup
    51. The Iron Giant - Haven't seen
    52. E.T. - ...liked it but never sure it belongs on these lists... probably does.
    53. Trainspotting - Yup
    54. Wall Street - Never seen.
    55. Winter’s Bone - Yup. Maybe a bit higher
    56. Groundhog Day - Yup
    57. The Blues Brothers - Never seen.
    58. Lost in Translation - No
    59. Scream - No
    60. The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas - Never seen.
    61. Back to the Future - Seen only parts. TBS.
    62. Milk - Yup
    63. Syriana - Never seen.
    64. Die Hard - Never seen.
    65. Death at a Funeral - Never seen.
    66. The Hurt Locker - never seen.
    67. (500) Days of Summer - Never seen.
    68. Frost/ Nixon - Never seen.
    69. Jaws - Probably
    70. Rain Man - Maybe
    71. Spirited Away
    72. Dead Poet Society - Yup
    73. Big Fish - No
    74. Pan’s Labyrinth - eh...
    75. A Few Good Men - Haven't seen.
    76. Exorcist - Maybe
    77. In the Loop - Haven't seen.
    78. Bourne Ultimatum - Haven't seen.
    79. Some Like it Hot - Haven't seen.
    80. The Life of Brian - To me yes, but not sure it belongs in all time 100
    81. History of the World Part 1 - Haven't seen
    82. Black Swan - Haven't seen.
    83. V For Vendetta - No
    84. The Good Shepard - haven't seen
    85. Inception - haven't seen
    86. JFK - haven't seen
    87. October Sky - Been too long but pretty sure it should be on this list.
    88. Thirteen Days - haven't seen.
    89. Brothers - haven't seen
    90. Benny and Joon - haven't seen
    91. Pineapples Express - um..yeah...about that
    92. Silence of the Lambs - Yup
    93. Thank You For Smo - king - still haven't seen despite multiple recommendations
    94. The Dark Knight - haven't seen
    95. The Secret of NIMH - haven't seen.
    96. Toy Story & Toy Story 3 - can't remember...
    97. Edward Scissorhands - Yup
    98. Fail Safe - haven't seen
    99. Babe - Yup
    100. Joyeux Noel - haven't seen

    Notably missing... Harlen County USA!!

    Maybe a Marx Brothers film... most seem to like Duck Soup but I'm a fan of The Big Store...

    Also a big fan of the film My Man Godfrey.

    Other ideas:

    28 Days Later
    (I really like) The Village (even though nobody else does.)
    City of God

  4. Thanks for reading my list and validating some of my picks! In the coming weeks I will go through all 100 and my justifications of why these movies make my list.