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Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 20: May 1st recap

So I wanted to write about everything I was involved with at the May 1st protests in the cities. However due to Illness, finals, and a broken keyboard it took forever to get this post finally done. I apologize for the lack of timeliness. Summer has officially started and we should be moving back to more regular content

Occupy encampment

So the day started in Loring park with the Occupy encampment. This became the central location for teach-in's barbeques and everyone talking left wing politic ad nasea. more importantly this became the location for people to leave to go protest at various locations. There were about 200 people there in the beginning of the day (I was only at Loring from about 11 am to 230pm). I have been to enough occupy events to recognize the "usual" crowd. I was pleasantly surprised to see several new faces at the events there. The energy level there was also very exciting. At the relaunch of the occupation about three weeks about the numbers were not good and there was a feeling of defeat. May 1st there was a feeling of enthusium and an energy that could take on the world.

March on US Bank HQ

The first event of the day was an Occupy Homes march on the headquarters of US Bank. We marched to US Bank with a 200 person strong force banging drums, pots, pans, and blasting music the whole way. We marched on US Bank to raise public awareness of the perpetrators of the foreclosure crisis in America, as well as demand that US Bank sit down and negociate with Monique White and John Vinje who could both pay both their mortgages if they were adjusted to current market value.

There was a disturbing level of police presence on this march. we were followed be 18 mounted officers almost the entire stretch of the march. Once we got to the bank the police on horseback lined up in strike position directly across the street. There were a few points on the march where it felt like there was going to be arrests of protestors. Why didn't the police go ahead with the arrest? Since we were walking down Nicolette Avenue right at lunchtime there were dozens of spectators. Several people stopped their business and came out onto the sidewalks to take pictures and watch the protest. It would have looked really bad for the Minneapolis police department if they decided to arrest us peaceful prostesters.

Immigrant Rights March

The next stop of the day was the Immigrant Rights March on Lake Street and Nicolette. I have been told by fellow local activists that historically in years past this protest has been huge. The protest today was only about 500 strong. That includes a significant bump from the occupy crowd (about 150-200 people) and a faction of the IWW.

With these three distinct groups it was a very bizarre march. There was no feeling of unity in the messaging in the march. The Latino community kept their chants, Occupy had their chants, and for some reason there was the IWW calling for the overthrow of the entire capitalist system. Now that isn't something I oppose, I in fact agree with them, but this was the not the right time or place to be chanting for the overthrow of the capitalist system. There were a lot of new and young activists at this march and radical over the top messaging at a rally that isn't directly linked to the protest of capitalism, will turn off potential new activists.

Well that is it for the post today. I do have lots to write about the next few days. I am planning on reflecting my thoughts about the How I Met Your Mother season finale. I also have a class project, two senior projects, and a professional performance to write about. So look forward to all of that in the very near future.

Love and Peace,


PS: This is a shout out for my friend in Le' Sueur Kelsey.

PSS: I don't know why the formatting of this post is shit I apologize.

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