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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day18: Illiterate kittens and Fresh scenes

Illiterate Kittens

So this is a piece I wrote for my social justice theater class I took In April. I was experimenting with satire and I was supper proud how this piece turned out. I'm considering taking this as inspiration and expanding it to a full length piece. I would love feedback on this piece:

I am here today to talk about an issue that is being repressed by the liberal media machine. All over the Internet and the press you here about America’s failing education system. You here how far behind we are in math and science and even English with the rest of the developed world far ahead. You hear about the achievement gap among low-income families and minorities in the inner cities. 

All of this is a misleading liberal campaign to distract us from the real achievement gap and the sins of our education system. I am here today to talk about a minority that throughout history has been marginalized, overlooked, and repressed in our society. Yes you truly educated people might have realized what I am talking about: kittens.

100% of kittens cannot read. That is a startling and disturbing statistic. How can we move our society forward and build our economy for the future if an entire section of the population is illiterate. Because this group of individuals is so illiterate they don’t have to work. 

We have built an entire welfare state that encourages them to not work. Why learn or contribute to society when the government pays for your food, provides shelter, cleans your litter boxes, and gives full medical care. These kittens are degenerates and we can no longer tolerate them sponging off our society. They disgrace and discredit all honest working people who work hard for their living. 

It is time to force these illiterate kittens to read and to work. The days of free tuna without work are over. We are living in tough economic times my friends; it is time for everyone to buckle down and start contributing. Illiterate kittens are by far the most serious threat to America’s greatest. Thank you ladies and gentleman. God Bless you and God Bless America!

Fresh Scenes

So I had the privilege of attending the BFA class of 2015 spring show the other night. It  has been interesting observing the BFA's over the past year. We all live in Middlebrook and so I seen them in the dining hall. I have befriended some of them and hung out with a lot of them. I even got to create with them in a Saturday class we took together with February called New Voices. 

As much as I have encountered these wonderful people I have not seen them act. Being a BA theater major I have  been able to perform in two different shows this year. I have become a member of the community and gone to all of my peers show to support their work. Because of this I feel like I have a good handle on a lot of the BA acting styles, passions, and skill sets. I have also attended The Sophomore, Junior, and Senior class BFA classes performes. The missing link has been the BFA freshman. 

It was a joy watching this performance. I was floored by the level of talent, heart, and truth with this company. If I were to single out every moment this show blew me away this post would be a mile long. I am also afraid I will forget to mention someone so I will not even attempt it.

This performance consisted of scenes for various plays of well established playwrights, poetry written by the cast members, and interview projects they did with members of the community. There were so many funny moments, but they were sharply contrasted by very real drama, and very deep moments of truth. This is one of my favorite performances I have seen at the U this year and I can't wait to watch this cast grow and develop as artists and they go through their educational journey.

Bravo and I hope to have more opportunities to collaborate with all of you.

And with that I will go. I am going to the national day of action against the War on Women today and then there will be big things happening in Occupy Homes and May 1st this week. i hope I have enough time to report back on all my activist work.

Peace and Love,


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