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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 15: Apologies, How I Met Your Mother and Mitt Romney and Women


So I am nearly the end of my spring semester. There are a lot of projects, papers, and exams to prepare for. That being said I have failed my fans this past week. I didn't get nearly the amount of content out this week I wanted to. I truly apologize for that I hope to do better this week. Tomorrow's blogpost is by far my most important I feel like and I also have reviews forthcoming of the three BFA comedies I saw this week, as well as, Spring Awakening finally. Thanks for the support and the patience.


How I Met Your Mother

So I am a huge fan of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). It is the best sitcom I have ever seen, and I have grown very close and fond of these characters. I have lived with them and grown up with them for 2 years now (If you were a fan from the beginning its more like 7 years). I hope this all sugar coats what I am going to say next. This show needs to end.

All good TV shows hit a peak. A good idea can only go on for so long. The best written shows know when a good things should end. They end the show at the peak and give its fans a very solid and satisfying conclusion. In a perfect world all shows would do this. However with greedy TV executives this is more and more becoming not the case.

More and more we see our beloved TV shows dragged on for way too long. They just start to slowly bleed to death until everything we love about the show is dead. Nothing is more painful than watching one of your favorite comedies no longer be funny.

This is the case with HIMYM. I was super excited for this season to start. Like any die hard fan I knew that the actors contracts with the studio end in the eight season. With that being the case, I expected a lot of character development and things starting to be tied up as we get closer to Ted meeting his future wife.

We did get some of the most powerful and emotionally satisfying episodes of the series this season. However they were only a few and they were all very spread out among a long list of very boring, lazy filler episodes. This point was most demonstrated by last night's episode. You can check out that episode here.

This following graph contains spoilers...

Last night's episode was the episode before the two part finale in two weeks. We had not had an episode with any real development in several episodes. I assumed that this episode would finally have some content  that would set up the drama for finale. Is Lilly finally going pop out her baby? Is Barney going propose? Is Ted going to find his wife? Is Robin finally going to stop being an awful human being ( I dislike Robin a lot after she broke Barney's, Kevin's, and Ted's heart this season alone).

Instead of any of that what we got was... another episode of Barney and Ted doing Legen- dary things. Very disappointing. As I reflected on the arch of this season I started to realized how cheated we really have been. By removing the several throw away episodes we got this season it would be more than possible to tie up all the loose ends and end the series on a high. The shows has gotten the most viewership ever at the beginning of this season.

Just like another show I really love, Scrubs, it seems that How I met Your Mother is being dragged out so they can get another full season. I am committed to seeing this show through the end but it is disappointing to see the show fall in quality just so everyone involved can make more money.

Mitt Romney's Women Problem

I don't even know where to begin on this topic. Mitt Romney has all-but officially become the Republican party's nominee. So the general election has started and will continue incessantly until we are ready to stay home in November.

Mitt Romney has a serious problem with women. He is pulling almost 20 points behind Obama among the female demographic is almost every swing state.
Now this may because he is part of the party  that has:

  •  attack abortion rights
  • defended income inequality between the sexes 
  • brought up a giant debate about access to birth control and contraceptives
  • attempted to defund Planned Parenthood
  • Called a private US citizen and law student a "Slut" and "Prostitute"
  • prosed a budget that radically cuts programs that support single mothers, low-income wage earners, child care, and education
Other than that whats the big deal? Romney claims he frequently has his wife report back to him (patriarchal framing much?) that the issue women are most concerned about is the economy. Well Mitt you keep saying that and attacking women's rights we will see where they vote in November.

Obviously Romney needs to make up some ground in this demographic if he wants to win the election as single women was the biggest demographic that voted for Obama in 2008. So with the launch of the general election campaign the first press release we got was Obama is the most Anti- Women President. According to Romneyland (the conservative bubble where no facts can get in) 92% of the jobs lost in the recession/ depression were female jobs. That of coarse is ridiculous and instantly torn apart by every new organization under the sun (Fox News notwithstanding).

Enter Hilary Rosen. Lets be real clear. Hilary Rosen does not work for Obama. She never has worked for him or any member of the Democratic Party.  In fact she is a lobbyist. Which is like the opposite of a political strategist. Her claim to fame was helping take down Napster. More recently she defend BP when it was under storm for its oil spill. She got on a talk show and make the comment that "Ann Romney has never worked a day in her  life." Which is an entirely factual statement. She wasn't belittling Ann Romney' choice to be a stay at home mother or belittling how hard it is to raise five boys. The media circuit exploded. Rosen became a democratic strategist working for Obama and the message became Obama hates stay at home moms.

Romney's campaign seized this opportunity. He worked very hard to paint Obama as anti-mother. There is a contradiction here though. As early in the past as in January Romney can be heard on the campaign trail saying that single mothers need to go out and work. Everyone should have the dignity of work. Well what is it Mitt do you support mothers or do you support throwing mother out into the work force and letting their children be raised by strangers?

The real meaning and message much be bridged between the lines. The undertone message of these two stances is class. He supports women staying home and raising their children if they are part of the ruling elite and can afford to. Poor women don't get that luxury. In fact, according to Mitt mothers of even two year olds need to go out into the work force.

With that I end this blog post. I hope to have more than one this week. Last week got crazy busy thank you for patience and dedication my dear fans. Don't forget to click an ad or two!



  1. I am very impressed by your blog and would love to interview you for my blog: www.sergiopolitics.org
    Please see below questions I would like you to answer:

    What are your thoughts about the GOP campaign so far?
    What do you think of Romney vs. Santorum race?
    How do you think Social Media will play a role in this campaign? and can you compare it to Obama's campaign of 2008?
    Ron Paul has a great Internet following what do you think other candidates are not doing right or need to do better?
    What is your opinion of Super PACs and its influence in this GOP race?
    If you have some other thought you would like to share please feel free.

    Thank you so much and kind regards;

    Sergio Veskovic


  2. Thanks for the compliments I will answer your questions briefly in the order you presented them:

    1) I think this is the one of the grossest campaigns ever. With Citizens United and the new addition of super-pac the campaign cycle has been long drawn out and allowed for several "frontrunners" that last a month. I talk about this at length in a previous post where I chronicle all of the "front runners" here: http://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=8884133931803593690#editor/target=post;postID=7300231988033339623

    2) I think Santorum did a very big diservice to Romney's campaign. He stayed in for so long he dragged Romney further and further to the right making him potentially unelectable. That being said, I don't agree with pretty much anything Santorum stands for I do have a lot of respect for the guy. He practiced what he preached and refused to change his values even if they were unpopular. Romney is an empty suit with no values whatsoever.

    3) I think Obama has a very big problem right now. There was a mass social movement that believed in the values he practiced and preached. There was so much energy behind him to elect him. The past four years have been nothing but failing to meet promises and selling out his base. I know a lot of people who are apathetic to the President. I think he will win but I think there will be a lot less energy and grass roots efforts to elect him this time around.

    4) Ron Paul has a hardcore following. His people are dedicated to him 200% percent. I think a lot of that energy comes from the fact that Paul believes in things. More than that he acts on what he believes in and won't change his beliefs to win votes or if his stance in unpopular. That being said his views are extreme and I think he is unelectable. Romney doesn't believe in anything he will lie or flip on any issue to win votes or corporate sponsorship. Obama has proven that we cannot trust a single this he promises because he has done nothing but sell out on core "beliefs." I think people are looking for someone who practices what they preach.

    5) The Super-PAC's have made a mess of politics. Predictions are that Romney and Obama together are going to spend a billion dollars in the general. That is absurd. We don't live in a democracy if it takes a billion dollars to run for President. We are going to see the ugliest campaign in American history and all of it is distracting us from the real issues at hand.

    Thanks for the comment and I hope this helps feel free to follow up for more clarification. If you could link to my blog when you post the interview that would be great. I will return the favor and link back to your site.